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Free zones are physically fenced and marked part of the territory of Republic of Serbia, equipped with utilities, where production and service activities can be done with certain
stimulating benefits.

City of Sabac founded Free-zone managment company “Free Zone Sabac doo” in 2009. Free zone Sabac covers 4 locations:

  • The first location is in East Industrial Zone, within Cargo-Transportation Center Sabac AD in the area of 35 ha. This location is intended for brownfield investments. The following is at disposal to present and potential investors:
    • Production warehouse 5.000m2;
    • 10.000m2 of open storage space;
    • Industrial track included in the Serbian Railway newtwork – total length 8.000m;
    • 25.600m2 of built roads;
    • Electricity of the capacity 3X630 kVa;
    • Water supply and sewerage
    • Customs house Sabac
    • Goods handling services
    • Weighbridge capacity 50t

Location is 5km from city center, 34km from highway E-70.

  • This location is intended for the construction of international port. The port would be of pool type, intended for general and bulk cargo, container terminal, Ro-Ro terminal and liquid fuel terminal.
  • The second location is in the largest industrial zone in the region, Nortwest Work Zone in the area of 208 ha. This zone is intended for greenfield investments. International highway E-70 is 24km far. Parcelation has not been finished, which means that investor chooses size and shape of the lot. This location is completely equipped with utilities – water supply and sewerage network, distributive gas pipeline, highvoltage 20 kV cable, access road and public parking. The price of land is 7e/m2. There is also Customs Office “Free Zone Sabac” at the location.
  • The third location is in the region of cadastral munisipality Ruma where 2 international companies are operating – Healthcare Europe d.o.o. and CG FOODS EUROPE d.o.o.
  • The fourth location is in the region of cadastral munisipality Loznica where 1 international company is operating – kMinth Automotive Europe doo
  • The fifth location covers the area of the cadastral municipality of Inđija and covers an area of 68 ha, where the Japanese company Toyo Tires Serbia doo Inđija operates
  • The sixth location covers the area of the cadastral municipality of Valjevo and covers an area of 24 hectares, where two German companies operate: Bizerba production & tech center d.o.o. and Hansgrohe d.o.o.


Map of free plots