Business benefits in Free zone

  • Import of goods and services in free zone and export from it is free;
  • Duty, VAT and other import duties are not paid for imported raw material for goods intended for export;
  • Duty, VAT and other import duties are not paid for imported equipment, machines and construction material;
  • Import of all types of goods in free zone is duty free. Goods from free zone can be placed in domestic market with payment of duties.
  • If the goods entering customs area of Republic of Serbia are produced in free zone or manipulated with ivolvement of domestic components, duties are paid at the established rate only for foreign component in those goods;
  • Export of goods and services from the zone and import of goods and services into zone are free and not subject to quantitative restrictions, nor measures of commercial policy are applied to that import and export.
  • Goods from free zone can be temporarily taken out to the rest of home territory or entered into free zone from other part of home territory for (processing, finishing, installment, repair, quality control, marketing presentation, etc.) thus giving large opportunities for connection with home economy;
  • Exemption of VAT paying for consumption of electricity, water, gas, phone and other utilities for production in free zone regime;
  • Turnover between free zone users is exempted from VAT payment

General benefits offered to foreign investors by Government of Republic of Serbia:

  • Free trade agreement with Southeast Europe countries – CEFTA, with the market of 60 million people;
  • Free trade agreement with Belarus;
  • Free trade agreement with Turkey;
  • The only country in Europe with signed Free trade agreement with Russia;
  • Simplified regulation on foreign trade and foreign investments;
  • Shortened procedure for establishment of a company – 15 days.

Low tax rates:

  • VAT – 20%;
  • Property tax 0,4%;
  • Capital gains tax 20%;
  • Corporate income tax – 15%;
  • Tax on profits – 10%.